Usage and Applications

How people use a NEMO GRABO:

Professionals tell us that a NEMO GRABO is the most useful tool in their truck. Around the world, GRABO quickly became a bestseller, and found its way to the hands of professionals in masonry, paving, tiling, countertops installation, dry walls, flooring and much more. Here are just a few things people use a GRABO for:

Tiles and floor panels

NEMO GRABO is available worldwide in many showrooms and tile shops.
Tile workers report that Grabo is the perfect tool for picking and placing a tile, including patterned slates and any size floor panels. Professional installer Kyle S writes: “it has long-lasting holding power even after the pump is turned off. We used it on an acid-etched concrete panel and it carried the 120-lb panel with ease with the pump running continuously (which should be expected on this type of surface). They’re fairly lightweight and ergonomic, which beats the heck out of air cups with hoses and compressors attached.”


Pavers & concrete blocks

Moving large concrete blocks and outdoor pavers is a daunting task. Unfortunately, many construction workers have to take care of business and remove old walls, pieces of broken concrete and large blocks during, landscaping, demolition and construction site preparation. The guys at Mquip (A large family owned company from Ontario Canada) found GRABO extremely useful for their landscaping work.


Dusty glass installation

Most of today’s glass installation is still done using old thumb-action suction cups. However, standard non-powered suction cups do not work on textured glass, and are extremely unreliable when the glass is dusty. Glass installers who work in dusty work sites choose Grabo to save time and secure large and expensive pieces of glass without pre-cleaning of the glass surface. Grabo creates a constant suction while the pump is powered on, which means that the suction can remain even if a small volume of air constantly finds its way through the seal via micro-channels around dust particles.

Outdoors paving & landscaping with a GRABO

Paving stones or pavers are thicker than regular tiles and are made from: Brick (clay), Concrete, Bluestone, Flagstone, Marble, Travertine, Porcelain, Cobblestone, Rubber, Plastic and more. Unlike tiles, pavers are usually slightly porous and therefore traditional suction cups can not be used to lift them. a GRABO however, is capable of adhering to most pavers, including patterned and slightly porous materials. Our friends at Karl Dahm in Germany are leading suppliers of high quality tools for paving and landscaping, tell us that professional construction companies in Germany love using Grabo for Paving sidewalks, patios, driveways and much more. Nemo GRABO has it’s limitations though and some extremely porous pavers may require a special versions of GRABO made for high flow applications. Feel free to call us and consult about specific applications, or have a look at the handy paver chart below:


Drywall and wood panels

A union carpenter from the Chicago area writes :”There are many different applications of work I use this for, from drywall, lumber even exterior building panels.”

Nemo GRABO is the only suction lifter in the world capable of attaching to porous building panels such as plywood, drywall and gypsum board. Using a GRABO allows workers to pick and place large bulky boards with a ease – turn it on to grab the board almost magically, and realising it with a click of a button. Using a GRABO reduces the chance of back injuries and lets workers carry the panels easily in an ergonomic and correct way. Nemo GRABO allows a single worker to instantly pick up, place and release boards with one hand, leaving the other hand free to hold a “drywall screw gun”. Carrying the panels with Grabo is more comfortable, easier on the back and allows a single worker to do a job that often requires two.

Lumber and wood beams

Using a suction cup to carry a wood beam or a board seems impossible – but Grabo’s powerful constant suction makes this a reality. A 20L/m piston action pump allows Grabo to attach to porous materials such as: Plywood, Densified wood, Fibreboard, Particleboard, Oriented strand board, Laminated timber, Laminated veneer, Cross-laminated and many other types of wood panels and beams with over 200 lbs of holding force. Woodworkers around the world choose Grabo to make their work easier, avoid annoying splinters and increase productivity on the job site.

Textured fused undulated glass

Grabo has become an extremely popular tool for glass builders in Germany and Holland. Led by our partners Topspin international – Tens of thousands of units are now used on construction sites for lifting and placing of pattered glass, wet or dusty glass panels and more. Rich Lamoth writes: “We laminate textured fused glass and have always needed a suction cup to grab the undulated surfaces. This product is the answer for these situations. Now we can grab rough surfaces with ease. This is a great tool to have around the shop.”